Women are much better at Multi-tasking!

Women are much better at Multi-tasking!


Well it's been a busy week here at Lynlan design HQ!

We've had our first product shoot, set up our Facebook & Instagram pages (@lylangolf), and have put down the first contracts for production of our Winter 16 capsule range.

Everyone knows that women are the best multi-taskers and Lanna & I have certainly been tested on this over the last week!

A very special thank you to our gorgeous model Hideko who gave her time so generously and looks so lovely in our skorts. She's been road testing them on the course over the last year & is our very first customer.

It's been a wet weekend here in Sydney too, so although this isn't great for golfing, it means we had extra days to focus on getting the Lynlan range together.

We look forward to presenting our gorgeous new winter capsule range soon. First samples from production arrive at the end of this week. Stay tuned & happy golfing!! 

Carolyn & Lanna xx