Cooking up new ideas for Lynlan extra goodies

Cooking up new ideas for Lynlan extra goodies

Lynlan recipe for extra special goodies

  • 400g research
  • 1 cup positivity
  • 2 tablespoons creativity
  • 1kg of determination
  • 2/3 cup attention to detail
  • 500g hard work
  • a dash of good luck

Mix together thoroughly until well blended.

Pour mixture into all our products and bake well.

Delivered straight to your door for enjoyment!

We've gone into the kitchen this week to cook up some extra special treats for our customers.

It's mid winter and we noticed that out on the course the icy wind isn't kind to our lips.

So we've created our own "Lynlan lips". A special vanilla flavoured lip balm as a thank you gift with all purchases.

We weren't satisfied with pre made products, so Lanna and I have gone into the kitchen and cooked up our own lovely natural lip balm for you.

Enjoy & Happy golfing!

Carolyn & Lanna xx