G (gentlemen) O (only) L (ladies) F (forbidden)? We don't think so!!........

G (gentlemen) O (only) L (ladies) F (forbidden)? We don't think so!!........

Maybe some of you have come across this before? But from my research, "Golf" does not stand for "gentlemen.only.ladies.forbidden", this is the true meaning;

late Middle English (originally Scots): perhaps related to Dutch kolf ‘club, bat’, used as a term in several Dutch games; golf, however, is recorded before these games.

So there is nothing mentioned about women being forbidden to play, and rightly so!!

I've been researching the number of regularly playing women golfers in various countries over the last week, and from the information I've found, Australia has about the 3rd to 4th highest number of women golfers in the world. Compared to our population, that's a lot of lady golfers per capita!!

Now back to business....

It's been another very busy week here at Lynlan HQ.

Our first stock arrived from the factory. Lanna & I are thrilled with our Winter capsule range. We've spent some time checking, unpacking and fulfilling the first orders. We are hoping our customers are enjoying their new Lynlan golf fashion out  there on the course! It's a beautiful week of weather for golf, crisp clear mornings (not to mention the 6 degrees celsius temp when I played on the weekend...) and sunny days.

So enjoy your golf and hopefully you are wearing some of our winter capsule styles so that you look super stylish on the course.

As always, happy golfing!!

Carolyn & Lanna xx